We strongly believe that each successful business should have a successful legal advisor(s) to cover its legal entity as well as to maintain the momentum which in most of cases lead to one simple result; successfulness!!!

According to our humble experience and as proven in nowadays business, one of the significant competitive edge which might give a company an edge over its rivalries is the legal sustainability of such company, starting with the basic constitution of the company presented by the Articles and Memorandum of Association and moving forward to a more complicated aspects of the companies in general.

One distinctive feature about us that we DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

It is not merely an assumption rather than being an actual policy that we follow and apply in all of our matters, as we believe that failing once dose not implicitly means failing for the second time, third time …etc. shouldn’t this policy remind you with the famous wisdom “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”, it does somehow we believe. When we for instance prepare our list of defenses and/or claims, we simultaneously imagine and anticipate what might the counterpart present as their defenses, and as a result of this process we prepare further evidences and/or defenses which can rebuttal and contest the counterpart’s allegations and/or evidences no matter in what form they present it. We normally sense the successful outcome in the early stages of the matters we handle; nevertheless, we always keep pushing until reaching a conclusive judgment.

We never and will never refuse a case, regardless of its complexity!!!

When we are asked to handle a certain case, we normally commence through implementing our initial objective assessment. We apply our procedural assessment by looking into all components of the case, as well as all the surrounding circumstances which might be taken into consideration. Upon finalizing the said assessment, we move into preparing a thorough opinion stating our evaluation, outcome(s), and the possible successfulness percentage with the given claims.

(Expose Not Impose / SWOT analysis)   

Since the establishment of our firm, we opt to literally apply the above-stated golden rule which simply means that we expose our clients to all potential outcome(s) and scenario(s). In addition to the exposure of our clients to the afore-mentioned matters, we also apply and expose our clients to the business model (SWOT analysis) which can be implemented per each individual case in order to determine and/or highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats per each case objectively.

Following the technological developments introduced amid the market

As part of our belief in the human’s power and according to our experience, we insist that our firm’s members should be armed with the most updated legal knowledge alongside with technology aimed to substantiate the legal profession of our members, such technology should include: access to legal application, legal website, electronic library …etc.

Collective studies and Brainstorming

What further distinguishes El-Oqaili Law Firm that it gives the opportunity to its members to enroll with the group discussions, studies and conclusions which are carried between the members regardless of their seniority. Giving such an opportunity to the law firm’s members will undoubtedly enhance the members’ strategies, tactics alongside with chance of providing all members with an equal opportunity to learn and perceive information which will eventually lead to a better legal opinion.

Believe us we keep a RECORD

Most of our members have worked in other firms before working at El-Oqaili Law Firm, that’s why we all agree that keeping a record of our work is a unique feature which most of the firms do not do. Such record may help both members and clients at the same time. This record will help the members in finding alike matters if repeated in the future whether by the same client and/or by different one, and at the same time will help the clients by minimizing the cost we charge them to perform a task which we have previously performed.